__ (alexisisaflame) wrote in neveris_promise,

uhhhh...wtf did justin quit the band???
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no they kicked him out.
the band should eventually write a book.
ugh wtf, he wasnt there was he.
no I wasn't there. But i was told by Jay the weekend before that he was being kicked out. At least Justin is going to do something with his life.
omg wasnt towards you loooooose the attitude.

the other guys are doing things with their lives.
they're doing what they want to do

just like you.
and me
and everyone else.

so hush for real that was lame.
and i wasnt trying to sound like an asshole


the internet is hard to make it sound sarcastic
heyyyyyy what's up abby (or is it abbey?). yea I posted that when I was in class yesterday before the show and then I got the full story from the boys when I got to jimmy's house. I was worried they'd lose some of their sound without him but really they sound just as good as they did before, which is awesome. oh by the way, I saw eddie rockin the sweet shorts you made him last night. jorb well done. how have you been?
haha omg..... those shorts are horrible lol

ive been ok.

i just wanted to make sure you didnt think i was an ass by that comment!

take care :)